Mushy Callahan

A four brother rock and roll band.
Toronto, Ontario


Mushy Callahan is an indie, alternative rock band hailing from the barren, oil-country of Northern Alberta. Emulating classic rock and alternative influences this young, all brother-band have honed their catchy and thought provoking music, which makes for a critically acclaimed performance. As former 102.1 The Edge DJ and Now Indie 88 personality Dave Bookie Bookman put it, they possess a "technical prowess, with a real passion." Now, based in Toronto, Joel, Noah, Jacob and Lucas are earning their name as a hard working D.I.Y. indie band. Powerful harmonies, arena-caliber guitar solos, and meaningful lyrics fuel the engine at the heart of the group. Breathing life into their smart sound are elements of classic rock like slide-guitar, organ and layered musical touches. The framework of their music has given them a refreshing and refurbished musical edge. Weathered eyes, the single from their second album Makings of a Man, has charted nationally. To support the album, Mushy Callahan toured United Kingdom and established a loyal, cult fan base. Following their consecutive cross-Canada tours, the brothers will be touring again with USA and Canada in their sights for 2015.


Makings of a Man

Man on the Run